Sunday, October 30, 2011

The most beautiful place in America.

The Sleeping Bear Dunes located on the shores of northern Michigan was voted on the Good Morning America show as the most beautiful place in America. I The Dad have been there when I was Connor's age. I wanted Connor to experience running up and down the beautiful dunes and as I figured he loved it. The scenery there is incredible. There are many look out points where you can view Lake Michigan and the dunes in all it's glory. Enjoy the beauty. Safe travels, The Dad

A to Z... Animals to Ziplines.

What more could a kid ask for? Animals. Ziplines. Yes this is a kids paradise. The Howell Nature Center located in Howell, Michigan. The wildife there are in recovery ranging from birds to beavers. Wapi the beaver was Connor's favorite. We both learned that beavers can hold their breathe underwater for twenty minutes. Amazing. To ad excitement to our visit Connor went down the 500 foot zipline which he absolutely loved. It was an adventurous trip for both of us. Safe travels, The Dad

Do you believe in Bigfoot?

Kid On Vacation traveled to Comins, Michigan for the 2nd annual Bigfoot Bash. You ask what is a Bigfoot Bash? It's a gathering for believers and non believers to share information and stories relating to Bigfoot. This was an event that we could not miss. The event was put on by Michigan Magazine Museum which Connor was able to interview Barry Stutesman from Michigan Magazine Television. While there Connor learned how to do a Bigfoot call. I still think he needs to practice at the call more. The big question...Do you believe in Bigfoot? Before you decide watch this video. 
Safe travels, The Dad

Ever feed a giraffe out of your sunroof? The Kid has.

Those who know Connor know that he loves animals and he loves to go to zoos. We drove to Port Clinton, Ohio to visit the African Safari Wildlife Park and kept on driving since it's a drive-thru safari. While there the animals come up to your car and you can feed them pellets and carrots. There are over 450 animals in the park ranging from bisons to giraffes. The best part was watching Connor feed the giraffes from the sunroof. If you go here expect to have a dirty car and a ton of laughs when you leave. 
Safe travels, The Dad